Custom facebook landing pages

It can be difficult to stand out on Facebook. Sure, Facebook is insanely popular, but it's also very uniform. Aside from your pictures and content, a basic Facebook page looks exactly like every other basic page. Thankfully, when creating a fan page for yourself or your business there are several tools that allow you to really stand out. By plugging in these applications and add-ons, you are able to control exactly what a user sees when they first click on your fan page. Here are some steps to differentiating your site from the rest.
Occasionally, you may have come across the Facebook site that looks more like a webpage than a standard Facebook site. Much like webpages are programmed in HTML (hypertext markup language). Fan pages can be programmed in what is called FBML (Facebook markup language.)
The first step to adding FBML to your fan page is to download the app. In order to find it, you can search on Facebook for "static FBML." You will be brought to a page where you can add the app to your site. It should be noted that use of the FBMLout is not for casual computer users and should be used by people who have HTML programming experience.
Once the app has been added to your page, you can access it by clicking "edit page" on your profile you. You can arrange your site either as a set of boxes or using customized tabs. It is generally accepted that it looks better when it is arranged by a series of tabs, however the boxes can be appropriate depending on exactly how you want to lay that.
After designing a custom tab using the editing box in the FBML app, it is important to make sure you make your new splash screen the default landing page. You can do that by accessing the wall settings of your fan page and setting the default landing tab. After setting your custom tabs and custom landing tab, you will find that your site has a look and feel totally unique to it.

Once everything is complete your businesses Facebook page will look like a bespoke web design and make you stand out in the massive Facebook crowd!