Dominos e-commerce Investment Continues To Pay Off

The pizza chain Dominos has recently reported a boost of almost 40% to their online sales. They grew to just over £82 million, from just under £60 million at this time last year. Sales of pizzas online made just under 62% of all deliveries within the UK, which is a 12% increase in the last twelve months. Just over 25% of all these sales were actually made from mobile devices, which are 9% up on last year.
This fast growth has led Dominos to say that it would aim to try and continue the focus on digital and online technology throughout the next business year and beyond.
Dominos, which trades across Europe, in Germany, Switzerland and the Republic of Ireland also said that their total sales increased from £146.2 million to £164.1 million. Sales in-store grew by 6.6% in the UK branches, whilst in Ireland they rose by 8%.
The continued growth means that Dominos have continued to expand and open new outlets. Through 2013, they are aiming to try and open 60 new branches with 18 of them in Germany.
Lance Bachelor who is Chief Executive of the company said that in the current economic climate the company was very well placed to keep up its excellent performance in a “tough trading environment”. He added that “Dominos continues to show that there are still significant opportunities in our core UK and Ireland markets”.
He also said that new product launches, a focus on service and online technology would be just a few of the ways in which they continued to drive the business forward, alongside a concerted push to promote the businesses outside of UK territory in places like Germany and Switzerland.