eBay Relaunches Shopping.com

eBay, the online marketplace, has recently announced that it is to re-launch its Shopping.com price comparison website. It will now be renamed as the eBay Commerce Network. It will have a team dedicated to making sure all listings are optimised and makes a promise that all publishers will have real time access to products, services, merchants and features through a flexible system of technology. All publishers will be paid commensurately in line with the amount and the quality of the traffic that they manage to direct through to other merchants. The network itself will cover the US, UK, Australia, Germany and France.
At the present moment in time, the network has an outreach of more than 250 million consumers per month, all of which come from a wide variety of different publishers, who can bring consumers into contact with a range of merchants at all the stages of the shopping process from first awareness of brand through to finally deciding to make the purchase.
The mission statement of the eBay Commerce Network, according to David McCall, who is the UK Manager of the operation is to “Connect consumers to the world’s advertisers, by building the world’s best e-commerce advertising platform”. Continuing, he said “Our business has developed over the last few years into one that is becoming more networked. We provide the same functionality that allows people to find the best product for them at the right quality and at the right price”.
McCall also said that the outreach of 250 million consumers meant the network was still very relevant and meant that they were “Tapping into the majority of demographic groups, that would be of interest to these retailers”. He added that it was all about focusing on ‘touchpoints’ as well. “Consumers are not just going online for products, they are using tablets and smartphones – we make sure we are working with the publishers and retailers that have the environment the customer wants to look at”.
The rebranding will reflect Shopping.com’s transition into one of the world’s leading commerce networks, following it’s acquisition by eBay 8 years ago. It is currently the only commercial network in which merchants can advertise their products through eBay and on other websites through one campaign only.