Ecommerce Conversion Tips

Use your home page to show off your best sellers
Learn how to identify your top selling products by making use of an analytical tool such as Google Analytics, or even just from using the administrator reports. From the details you glean after studying this information you can then start to tailor how you market your products, from making simple ‘recommended products’ boxes or banner sliders which alert people to services and products they might like to purchase.
Look into offering people different ways to order from your store
Even nowadays not everyone will want to make their purchases online, so you must make sure to highlight all the ways they can order, including phone and fax numbers and a mail order address. Make sure that even the most obscure base-points for purchasing are covered. The more clearly you state all your buying options, the higher your conversion rate is likely to be.
Site navigation and browsing
Your search function is one of the most important things within your shop. Many people who shop online are in a hurry and need to make purchases quickly. If they use your search function and can’t find what they want within a few minutes, chances are you’ll lose a sale.
The main reason a navigation menu is important is to make any content that gets searched for regularly by site visitors more accessible and easy to find. The best way to approach setting up a navigation menu is to put the most important links that people search for on a regular basis and leave it at that.
Put your most popular categories first: Your links to categories in your inventory should lead with the most popular first, with the ones that customers regularly click on at the top and the least clicked at the bottom. If you don’t want to do it that way, the other most successful idea to think about is to make all your links alphabetical, meaning they are still very easy to search.
Structure your categories in a way that makes sense: Don’t over complicate things by having far too many categories that end up confusing your customers. Only use links that contain important information that users who regularly browse your store look for. 
Photos of products
These days people want an online experience rather than just looking at a website. High quality images and photographs break the text up and really are the first thing a potential or regular customer will notice, rather than pages of text. Images add quality, professionalism and life to your online shop and will ultimately help it convert better.
One of the most important images to consider is the one for the main default image on the description page for your product. This should be very high quality and preferably not a stock image. Wherever possible, use real images of real people using the products you are selling. Show as many different photos and images as you can, from different angles to cover all bases.