Ecommerce Software UK guide to complying with the law.

All businesses selling goods in the UK must adhere to the law and online businesses are no exception.  There are particular rules which apply to anyone selling online in the UK these rules which come into force under the ‘Distance selling regulations’.  Below we have provided an outline of some of the regulations.

Distance Selling.

These regulations were put in place to protect customer rights when they make a purchase on line and are not physically present with the seller. The regulations apply to purchases made over the internet , by email and over the telephone by mail order. There are consumer regulations and do not apply in the case of a business to business contract or sale.

Consumers rights

Under the distance selling regulations, consumers can request certain information from the seller such as.
Written details relating to the supplier and the terms and conditions of the transaction taking place.
Written confirmation of the order they have placed.
Other information such as a notice of their rights to cancellation, the procedure they should follow to file a complaint, and information about guarantees and after sales services.
A consumer can request goods to be delivered within 30 days of purchase (unless agreed otherwise).
You must provide a cooling off period of 7 days in which a consumer can cancel the contract.
This cooling off period starts on the date when the customer received the goods.
The customer does not have to provide a reason for the cancellation.
In a case where the supplier does not provide information about the cooling off period, the period may be extended to 3 months. Note that some exceptions to cancellation rights apply to perishable goods.

Shipping Policy

Your shipping should be easily accessed by your customers and should include at least the following basic information.
A list of the countries or regions that you will ship your goods.
The cost of the shipping for each region/country.
How shipping is calculated on special or multiple items.
Estimated order processing and delivery times.

Returns Policy

As with your shipping policy, your returns policy should be easily accessed by customers and it should contain the following information. Terms which should be adhered to for your customers to receive a refund (such as the condition of the returned goods and the time frame in which they have been returned).
Clear conditions about goods which may be faulty. Information about the types of products which cannot be returned.
Contact details of your returns department. This should include the postal address, telephone number and email address.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy should be easily accessed by your customers and include the following information.
A statement outlining what data you collect about your customers.
A statement outlining how you will use the data you have collected.
There are many online resources containing more information about distance selling.
We have included a few kinks to these below

Please note:

This is only a simple guide and should not be relied on as a statement of the law.
To understand your rights and obligations properly, you should consult a solicitor.