Help your Business go Mobile


Mobile commerce, commonly called mCommerce, is simply a form of eCommerce designed for use on mobile devices. The secret to mobile commerce is to understand how modern mobile technology works and how people are using it. Mobile phones are now ubiquitous in the world. There are over 5 billion mobile subscribers world and many of these have access to the internet on their phones and tablets. In fact, research has found over a billon people now use a mobile device to browse the internet and check emails, which means to maximise the number of potential customers, an eCommerce website has to cater for this rise in mobile communication.

Mobile commerce strategy

In order to take advantage of mobile commerce an eCommerce business needs to have an mCommerce strategy. The first step is to ensure your eCommerce website is mobile friendly. In other words, everything that a person can on your website using PC, such as browse and order items, needs to be able to be done on a mobile device too. It is worth noting that various mobile platforms do differ, so you need to test your website on all platforms. The next step with mobile commerce is to take advantage of apps. Essentially an app is just a progam on a mobile device, but they can be used for all sorts of things in mCommerce. Increasingly, people are turning to apps to make purchases and search for products rather than use internet browsers.

Taking advantage of mobile commerce

The advantage of mCommerce for users, namely being able to use the internet wherever they happen to be, is also a distinct advantage for eCommerce websites. Mobile commerce enables businesses to communicate directly and immediately to customers. Apps can be created that can identify a customer's location, which for businesses with a brick and mortar store, can mean enticing customers through the doors by sending offers and discounts when people are in the area.

Monitoring mCommerce

Just as it is important monitoring how website visitors are finding you on the internet, such as from search engines or pay-per-click campaigns, it is also important to monitor how many users are visiting through a mobile device or app. This can help you come up with strategies to maximise your mobile commerce potential, and discover what is working and what is not. Monitor how many people download your app or search your website on a mobile device. If you find you are not getting many hits using mCommerce, it is perhaps worthwhile changing your strategy and coming up with more mobile friendly website or offering users a valid reason to download and use your app, such as discounts or exclusive offers.