Posted: 14.08.2013
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All businesses selling goods in the UK must adhere to the law and online businesses are no exception.  There are particular rules which apply to anyone selling online in the UK these rules which come into force under the ‘Distance selling regulations’.  Below we have provided an outline of some of the regulations.[...]
Posted: 19.07.2013
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Online shopping is now the number one choice for making purchases. 2012 saw online retailers earn more money than physical stores for the first time, with 54% of all purchases made on the internet. eCommerce has many advantages for consumers. It allows them to shop from the comfort of their home or on the move using a mobile device. It also saves time and provides far more choice compared to even the largest high street or shopping mall, which can't compete with the number of stores available online. For businesses, eCommerce software provides plenty of advantages too, such as helping streamline the sales process and increasing the number of customers you can get.

Posted: 08.07.2013
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In today's world, simply having a website that displays what you do and provides contact information is no longer making the most of the internet. A website needs to embrace eCommerce software to maximise its potential. People like to order online and buy goods and services without having to call a company or visit a brick and mortar store, and this is exactly what eCommerce software enables a website to do. However, with so many different eCommerce platforms out there, knowing which software solution will best suit your business is not easy.

Posted: 04.07.2013
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Technology has advanced dramatically over the last twenty years. A couple of decades ago, the only way to sell products and services to people was in a high street shop or a mail order catalogue. The internet changed all this. The arrival of eCommerce meant people could buy products online from the comfort of their own home. However, the way people now use the internet has changed too. A few years ago, the only way to shop online was on a PC at home. Now, thanks to smart phones, laptops and tablet computers, people can shop anywhere they please, which has seen the arrival of mobile commerce.

Posted: 20.06.2013
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Get the most out of your ecommerce website with these hints and tips for increasing your ecommerce conversions.[...]
Posted: 12.06.2013
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A call to action is a method used to encourage customers to proceed. Whether this is to make a purchase or advance to view products, a website needs to guide a customer through the process and steer them to where you want them to go next. Without a call to action, sales can suffer because customers are not encouraged to act. In addition, not having a clear call to action can frustrate users, as they may not understand what they should do and could leave the website in favour of one of your competitors.[...]
Posted: 31.05.2013
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Running an eCommerce site comes with many challenges, not least of which is knowing whether or not you could be doing better. While some eCommerce software systems provide statistics on click-through rates and time spent on the website, it can still be difficult to know whether you are doing everything possible to satisfy your customers' expectations. Optimising your eCommerce platform is one way to ensure your customers are kept happy, which can lead to a boost in sales, so here are ten ways to optimise your eCommerce software platform.

Posted: 30.05.2013
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The way people shop has changed. No longer do we all have to leave the house to buy the things we want. Instead, nearly everything we want is available online. Ordering from the internet couldn't be simpler. After a few clicks of the mouse, we can make our purchases, which are delivered straight to our door. The secret to shopping online is in the eCommerce software that powers retail websites. If you have a business, and are intending to make products or services available online, then choosing the right eCommerce software is essential. Here are six tips to help you make the right decision.