Posted: 03.07.2013
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Google continually makes changes to its algorithm, and after each change, there are winners and losers. One of the most controversial changes Google has made in recent years is penalising websites for excessive linking. If links don’t come from relevant or worthwhile sources or don't add value to a user's experience, a website is penalised in the search engine rankings (SERPs). This change has caused many websites that utilised link building as part of their search engine optimisation strategy (SEO) to drop in the rankings, often quite dramatically. Many people thought this was unfair, because while some websites had used excessive link building as part of their SEO strategy, not all had, and some people had no control as to the number of links coming into their website from dubious sources.
Posted: 08.04.2011
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Posted: 08.04.2011
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Posted: 02.05.2011
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Posted: 05.05.2011
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