Posted: 21.08.2013
Tags: Setting up POP/IMAP email on an iPhone
This guide will show you how to set up mail boxes using pop3 or imap on an iphone.[...]
Posted: 29.03.2013
Tags: Custom facebook landing pages
It can be difficult to stand out on Facebook. Sure, Facebook is insanely popular, but it's also very uniform. Aside from your pictures and content, a basic Facebook page looks exactly like every other basic page.[...]
Posted: 30.03.2013
Tags: Web design, Ecommerce Web Design
Creating a polished and professional website layout is important for keeping site visitors' interest and for establishing the site author's credibility. [...]
Posted: 06.04.2011
Tags: Web design, Graphics
Your website is all about communication. It has exciting, wonderful, and useful information to convey to your visitors.[...]
Posted: 07.04.2011
Tags: Ecommerce software
Simple design and high quality icons are important elements of a polished site. While the content of a site is the most important part...[...]
Posted: 20.04.2011
Tags: CSS, Web Design
Cascading Style Sheets, also known as CSS, are vitally important to web design / functionality and site individuality. [...]
Posted: 09.05.2011
Tags: CSS
This tutorial will teach you how to round corners using CSS in dreamweaver CS3 and also a bit of fireworks, there will be some hand coding so get ready! [...]
Posted: 11.05.2011
Tags: Image resize , image editing, picture resize, picture editing
Anyone running an online store will know the difficulties in getting product images to look consistent ...[...]