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They say that moving house is the most stressful thing you can do these days. However, if you are a small business owner and need to move an ecommerce website which is your bread and butter, you’ll probably disagree with that statement.

That’s why we have made it as simple as possible to move your website to Absolute Shopping Cart. If your current system allows you to download data into a spread sheet format, then it will be fairly painless for you to move to Absolute Shopping Cart.

Don’t want to do it yourself?

If you don't want to move the site yourself why not let us do it for you. Think of us as your removal men and let us safely move your site contents to our system. After that, all you have to do is select your design from our great range of templates and one of our design team will give your new website home a lick of paint with your brand colours and logo.

You can be up and running in a matter of hours not weeks! Get a Quote Now

Many people are swapping to Absolute Shopping Cart, but why?

UK Support

What makes us different is that our customers are Tony, Janet, Ben and Sharon not number 6549, 8359 and 57834. We take a great pride in being on first name terms with our customers, we know about their businesses and do the best we can to help make them a success online. As an Absolute Shopping Cart client you won’t' need to call a premium rate number to get help and you will never end up speaking to someone in another country who has never heard of you before.

Built in Facebook & Mobile Store

Any business serious about selling online should have a mobile optimised version of their web site and a Facebook store. Why pay for a third party application that you have to run side by side with your website when you can upload your products once for all devices. With the built in Absolute Facebook Storefront and Absolute Mobile Storefront you can be selling your entire list of products on Facebook and mobile devices in a matter of minutes.

Dominate the Search Engines

The Absolute Shopping Cart ecommerce software is designed to optimise your web site automatically as you are adding new content. It does this by creating search engine friendly URLs and even a Google sitemap without any input from you. This built in page optimiser application works brilliantly and saves you loads and load of time. However should you want to manually optimise your pages, you can do that by using the advanced editing tools. Many of our clients’ websites dominate Google, Yahoo and Bing thanks to these advanced SEO techniques straight out of the box.

Free Powerful Marketing Tools

Unlike other systems, Absolute Shopping Cart comes with free invaluable tools to help you get to know your customers today rather than waiting until tomorrow. With the built in stats centre you can monitor statistics in real time rather than waiting until after an important date, giving you time to tweak your marketing campaigns on the day for increased sales.

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