Your own bespoke branded ecommerce software

Quickly create ecommerce websites for your clients with our our fully white-labelled system. Add your company logo and branding to the site admin to sell your own ecommerce solution. Visit your clients with a fully branded live demo system and give them a tour. Provide your clients with access to the comprehensive online support system which is again fully branded as your own solution. Let us provide support anonymously while you take the credit.

Ongoing Money in your pocket

With Absolute Shopping Cart you are not just a partner to us but a long term provider for your client.
We work in the background without your client ever seeing us. Each time they want extra work doing they will come to you directly and you can charge them accordingly. By using your own branded version of the Absolute Shopping Cart ecommerce software you are building a customer base of your own that will continue to provide an ongoing source of revenue.

Your own branded demo system

As the most advanced shopping cart software in the UK, the Absolute Shopping Cart system pretty much sells itself with the full list of features. We provide all our partners with a fully functional demo system which is branded in line with their corporate id. Constantly updated with new features, the demo is an invaluable selling tool to demonstrate the capabilities of the ecommerce software to potential new clients. The management settings also allow you to restrict clients access to various sections of the admin such as the templates and design centre.

Time is money

You can quickly and easily skin any of the existing shopping cart themes with your own design. In many cases our design partners are able to design ecommerce websites with just a few hours work. This means bigger profits for you and a quick turnaround for your clients.

No programming skills needed

If your client needs any extra bespoke functionality that is not available in the current system, our in-house programming team are here to help. We will provide you with a competitive quote that will allow you to make a good margin when charging your client for the extra work.

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