Domain names

A Domain Name is a name string made up of letters, numbers and dashes separated by Periods with which the Domain Name System (DNS) maps to IP Addresses / Numbers and other information. It can also be interpreted as the official name of a Computer / Host connected to the Internet, for example
Domain names are used in various Networking frameworks and Application naming and addressing purposes. They are organised into subordinate levels, also known as Sub Domains, of the DNS Root domain, generally with First, Second and Third level domains. The First-Level, or the Top-Level domains (TLD’s) include both Generic domains such as .com and .net,  and Country Code domains such as, .ie; as all Top-Level domain names have a suffix that indicates which top-level domain name it belongs to.  There are only a limited number of such domains, for example:

.com      - Commercial Business    - British-based Business
.net       - Network Organisations
.org       - Organisations (Non-Profit)
.gov      - Government Agencies
.edu       - Educational Institutions

Second and Third level domain names are open for reservation by end-users that would like to connect to local area networks to the Internet and /or develop and create publicly accessible Internet resources. Domain names are generally administered by Registrars who sell registered domain names to the public.

Why are Domain Names important?

On the internet, a domain name is that part of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that tells a domain name server using a particular Domain Name System (DNS) where to forward a request for a Website Page. An important point of domains is to provide an easily memorable name to numerically address Internet web pages and resources, allowing visitors to gain quick and simple access to any website on the Web. At Absolute we provide you with a free shopping cart domain on sign-up, in the format of which is hosted on our servers to allow you to add content and information to your new website without the need to configure and map a domain name initially.

A sub domain is ideal for carrying out work on your website before it is seen by visitors, but eventually having a domain name pointing to your website is essential when it comes to getting your website recognised by the public, as well as ranking on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo etc..  With Absolute Shopping Cart there are two options when it comes to domains. If you have an existing domain name, or have bought a new domain name yourself, we can provide you with all the information with regards to pointing the Nameservers addresses to the website. Once they have been changed by the Registrar of your domain, we then will carry out the configuration and DNS mapping work at our end in order to map the domain name to the website.

The turnaround time for this varies on the domain name, domains usually take around 12-24 hours for the nameserver addresses to change and the DNS mapping to be configured and completed.
If you already have your own  domain name we can map it to your shopping cart account for a small charge of £24.99+VAT pa.

Alternatively if you would like us to register and configure a domain name on your behalf please contact us so that we can check the
availability. After registering the domain name we will out all the necessary DNS configuration and mapping. This usually takes around 12-24 hours.

If we register the domain  name for you, we will automatically renew the domain name as required.
If you do not wish to renew the domain name please notify us as soon as possible so that we can cancel the domain name.

Charges for the purchase, configuration and mapping of a new domain name (subject to availability), is £29.99 for a domain names, and £34.99 for .com domain names. If you require any other domain names, such as .net, .mobi or .eu, please contact us for current availability and prices.

For more information please call us on 01226 247576.