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1 Click Template Changer

At Absolute Shopping Cart, change has never been made easier!

With our Free Site Design Package, you have the opportunity to choose a Design for your store and use the built-in Graphic Design Centre to change the look and style of your website as and how you please. But what if you decide that you prefer a different Design entirely to the one you have chosen? Everybody fancies a change now and then, and that’s why Absolute Shopping Cart have made this possible, allowing you to change your Design in seconds.

1-Click is the new Template Changer from Absolute Shopping Cart, which allows you to switch and change your templates with just the click of a button! This feature will make it easier for you to change your mind, freshen up your Shop, even switch Designs to suit all occasions, and with Absolute constantly adding to their range of Free Site Designs, you have even more flexibility and control in running your own Online Store!

How often can I change my Website Design?

This answer is simple...when you like! Simply view which Design you like and apply it to your website!

Can I still make my own changes to the design?

Of course! 1-Click enables you to change the entire look of your website, but you can still use the Graphic Design Centre to
change any graphics on the Design you have chosen!