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Site wide colour changes with ColourShift

What is ColourShift?

ColourShift is our fantastic new website design application which you can use to quickly change the look of your entire website in just a couple of seconds. No more working for hours and hours to freshen up your site or update the design to make the most of seasonal sales and other promotions. The ColorShift app allows you to select from a series of preinstalled themes or create your own custom custom colour range to match your businesses corporate id.

Quick resets

Its ok, we all make mistakes, and that's why we added an easy reset option, so if you've gone a bit crazy with your colour choices, you can just click the reset button to go back to the original settings.

Exclusive to Absolute Shopping Cart

No other ecommerce software provides the flexibility of Absolute Shopping Cart's powerful ColorShift tool, why not try it yourself by taking advantage of the free trial? - see below.