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Instantly see information about site visitors...

Absolute Shopping Cart's visitor statistics app provides you with invaluable and in-depth information about the people visiting your website. The statistics application comes Free of charge and is seamlessly integrated into the web site management system.
This means you can check up on your site visitors at any time without having to logout of your site admin.

All of the statistics are updated in real time so unlike many ecommerce software solutions, you do not need to wait until tommorow to find out how many people have visited your site today. 

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How it works...

Understanding how many visitors your website is receiving, and where those visitors came from is essential for any website owner.  
Knowing which pages are the most popular, finding out which search engines the visitors used to find your site, and what keywords they used in their search provides a powerful insight into the effectiveness of your website's search engine optimisation and marketing campaign.

Cut out the guess-work!

Without powerful analysis of website visitor numbers, it would be a guessing game trying to find out how your visitors found your website.  
Do they come through search engines? Do they come from other websites? What about email news letters and direct reference from other forms of marketing like magazine adverts etc.

Simple to understand website visitor stats updated everyday...

Web visitor statistics are provided in a simple format that is easy to understand. Every day all the website visitor information is compiled into simple tables and graphs. Information is broken down into monthly and daily charts so that you can easily see what is happening to your website.
Below is just a small sample of the type of data available through the Website control panel.