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Product Management Features

Absolute Shopping Cart has many features to help you effectively manage your products.
Here are just a few of them.

Add Unlimited Products

Unlike other cart systems, we don't limit the number of products you can add to your shop or have a sliding scale which becomes more expensive if you add more products. So just add as many items as you like.

Unlimited Product Categories

As with products, you can add as many categories and sub categories as you need. This means that your site can cater for many 1000s of products and your customers will quickly and easily be able to find what they want.

Add Products to Multiple Categories

With any range of products, it's always likely that some will fit into more than one type of category. With Absolute Shopping Cart it's simple to add products to multiple categories. You won't need to add the products again, simply select the additional category or categories where you want the product to appear.

Unlimited Product Price & Size Options

If you sell items in different sizes, box or pack quantities, colours, multiple lengths or weights and differing price, you will be amazed at the flexibility of the Absolute Shopping Cart system. It can handle unlimited product and price variations with ease.

Collect Custom Order Messages

If you sell items that can be customised by being engraved, embroidered or printed etc, Absolute Shopping Cart allows you to provide customer with a text field where they can enter this information for each item they add to the cart.

You can also provide instructions to the customer such as the maximum number of characters allowed in a print field etc.

Stock Control

Stock or inventory control can be used to keep track of how many items are in stock at any one time. You can decide whether or not to provide stock information to customers on your site pages and control orders by preventing out of stock items from being ordered.

Trade Prices

Absolute Shopping Cart enables you to sell items to trade or member customers at a different price. This is not a discount (which can be provided separately see below), it’s a separate trade price that will only be displayed and used by trade customers once they are logged in. The customer suite enables you to decide which customers will pay trade and which ones will pay retail prices on your site.

Downloadable Products

If you sell downloadable products such as e-books, pdfs or spreadsheet applications Absolute Shopping Cart allows you to sell your products online without using and third party applications or FTP software. You can decide if customers are able to download products directly after ordering or wait until you have a payment confirmation from the payment gateway before they can download your product.

Automative Image Resize & Thumbnail Creation

Absolute Shopping Cart makes it simple to add product images to your online shop. There is no need to make several copies of product images as the system will automatically make thumbnails and standard size images from the pictures you upload. This will save you lots of time when adding products to your site. You can also choose the size of image you want the system to use for thumbnails and main product images.

Unlimited Detail Images

The online shop is your salesman so the better information you can give to customers, the more chance you have of making a sale. This is why we allow you to add as many detailed images as you like for each product. Not only that, but the images you upload can be as large as you like so customers are able to see highly detailed images.

Grouping & Cross-Selling

This is a great feature enabling you to group related items together. This enables you to draw a visitor’s attention so that they can look at similar products or essential related items like batteries that may be required to power a product.
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