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Stand Alone Cart

The Stand Alone shopping cart feature allows you to use Absolute Shopping Cart's
Checkout system in collaboration with your existing website.

The Stand Alone Cart facility enables you to use all the features of the system, which
includes the Stock Control; advanced Shipping options; discounts; multi-currencies and
Payment Gateways such as Moneybookers and Paypal.

Simple & Easy to Use!

By adding a simple 'Add to Cart' button or link to your website, you can offer a seamless
integration between your website and the Checkout, providing a swift, safe and secure
Checkout experience for your Customers.

Add to Cart links and button codes are created automatically, all you need to do is Cut and
Paste the code onto your website pages wherever you would like to button to appear! Easy! 

How Stand Alone Shopping Carts Work

1. On your website...

..the Customer comes to your website, adds the items
they want to buy to the basket, and once their ready, they'll
click to follow through to the Shopping Cart.

This is where the Customer transfers across to the
Absolute Shopping Cart Checkout system....

2. Items added in the cart...

The items are added to the Absolute Shopping Cart system,
which allows the Customers to review their order and then
choose their appropriate Shipping Option / Destination.

The Checkout is designed to mirror your website design, so
the header of the website will be the same with a few slight
alterations, for example, no links to sections etc..

If the Customer decides to return to your Store, then can click
the 'Return to Store' button and it will direct them back to
your website instantly.

3. Shipping options & payment

The Customer will then select their Shipping option, then go
through the Checkout process to place their order and make
payment through your chosen Payment Gateway, such as
Paypal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout etc...

4. View your order & customer info...

The Order details are stored in a separate Admin area which
is supplied to you by Absolute Shopping Cart.
You can view the details of the order, the Customers details etc..
so they can be processed by yourself.

You can also print Packing Labels straight from the system!